Welcome to my web site. I am a chemist currently based in Aachen/Germany and I enjoy taking photos in my free time. I am primarily interested in portrait photography but I also like taking some photos of cool sports if I get the chance.

Besides the joy of taking photos I also really enjoy the many opportunities of getting to know all the great people (in front and behind the cameras) who I wouldn't have met otherwise. I guess this is true for many activities but in the end photography also brings people together who may not share common interests in the first place.

For my pictures I always try to pick interesting light settings and I learned that most photos don't need much special equipment. However, in some cases I also like to enhance the setting using light modifiers or powerful flashlight.
Furthermore I try to take photos which transport some sense of aesthetics - in my eyes an attribute no money can buy.
I am always interested in extending my portfolio, so if you like the style my photos and look like a model, feel free to contact me (imprint section or social media).

Of course I want to thank all models who gave me the opportunity to take these pictures.